Speaker, Lifestyle Consultant, Certified IN.FORM Health Coach
and Non-Denominational Interfaith Minister ~
Chemical free solutions and education for sugar addiction 
and appetite control, pain, inflammation and stress relief
Melissa H English

Melissa English grew up on the coast of Maine, studied photography in Boston, and lived in the Atlanta suburbs for about 30 years while working as an assignment and portrait photographer, having a family and raising her children. In 2011 she moved to the Boulder, Colorado area to begin another chapter in her life.

While being a photographer around the Southeast for many years - when photography was still a film process, Melissa became very toxic from photo darkroom chemicals and had to go through a committed detoxification effort. She also was a true sugar-a-holic and had chronic weight, pain and craving challenges. She stopped consuming the addictive sugars and white flour around the year 2000; since then she's been on the path of eating mostly organic, unprocessed foods with very low sugar consumption on a daily basis. Other past health issues like inflammation that caused chronic muscle and joint pain motivated her to keep her diet as "clean" and as anti-inflammatory as possible in order to be pain free. Melissa has continued to learn better ways to honor her (greatly reduced) desire for sweets, without using addictive type sugary foods.

For the past 10-12 years, she has led workshops to help others learn how to get over their sugar habit and make better choices about their food supply. Now, much of what she teaches is from a proven, scientifically tested system of lifestyle and food education called IN.FORM, created by a 45 year old company in Utah. For more details see menglish.mynsp.com/inform

Since the 1990's, Melissa has studied nutritional trends, herbal and other chemical free health remedies. She became a certified IN.FORM health coach in 2016 and helps people learn how to end sugar and carb cravings, learn why constant sugar use is so addictive and disrupts so many aspects of balanced health, while helping them learn and implement lifestyle changes including how to shop "smarter". The IN.FORM course (or condensed version) that she teaches shows you:

*How to safely remove toxins from your food and body
*How to recognize and overcome emotional eating
*Why to make real food a priority while avoiding processed chemical food while
controlling (and ending) the cravings
*Why microbiome (gut) health is so important and how to improve it -which takes time and patience.

Most of us know, the standard American diet (SAD) can be very destructive; it requires commitment, education and support to make the better changes.

Being responsible for our own health and improved lifestyle habits can become a learned priority. 

                 © 2010 Melissa English
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In brief-
* She has used and studied the benefits of nutritional trends, herbal and other chemical free health remedies since the 1990's
* Is a Certified IN.FORM holistic health coach 
* Has been a speaker and educator on overcoming sugar cravings     for 10+ years
* Free from her severe sugar addiction for over 15 years
* Learned how to stop "numbing out" with alcohol and marijauna when painful family things were happening, about 1983
* Began meditation on a daily basis about 1986.
About Melissa English