Certified Health & Lifestyle Tutor, Speaker, Phototherapy Patch Ed.
Chemical free solutions and education for sugar cravings relief 
and appetite control, effective X39 stem cell activation, pain, inflammation and stress management
Melissa H English
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What is Melissa about and how can she help you, family or friends?

Melissa's health coaching and speaking goals are to teach you how to get over the constant cravings and feel better (and be healthier) in your body without:
being driven by the desire for more sweet stuff, toxic artificial sweeteners, too many processed carbs and other cravings that can destroy balance in all your body systems and at times in your mind...Maybe you've heard of the gut-brain connection?

Along the way you can learn how to change lifestyle and eating habits that cause inflammation and pain. This is all done with education about better food shopping choices, food prep and cutting edge, scientifically tested, wearable technology.

One of her "tools" for helping you, is an effective, scientifically based, chemical free, affordable phototherapy patch that can help you control your appetite and overcome the cravings. 

This small chemical free patch, called SP6 works this way:  Your body emits heat in the form of infrared light. The patches are designed to capture this infrared light when placed on the body, which causes them to reflect particular wavelengths of light.This process stimulates specific points on the skin that signal the body to produce health benefits unique to each LifeWave patch. 

Contact Melissa by email on the "request info" button or call
(720) 295-7026 Eastern time USA
Skype name is mhenglish22

The Phototherapy patch I'll refer you to, has helped many with a variety of cravings issues.
Please contact me before ordering so I can help you get the best pricing...and know more about what your needs are. When you go to the website below, you will only see retail costs. I can help you have preferred customer pricing or a wholesale account with reduced prices.
I've been an independent rep for this company for more than 4 years, and can help you decide what's best.