Certified IN.FORM Health Coach, Lifestyle Consultant, Speaker
Chemical free solutions and education for sugar cravings relief 
and appetite control, digestive issues, pain, inflammation and stress relief
Melissa H English
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Health Coaching, Sugar Addiction Solutions, Weight & Lifestyle Management

What is Melissa about and how can she help you, family or friends?
Melissa's main health coaching goal is to teach people how to feel better (and be healthier) in their bodies without being driven by sugar, carb and other detrimental cravings - and to help you be motivated to change poor lifestyle habits that can cause pain, disrupt your health and quality of life. This is all done with lifestyle education and cutting edge "tools" you can use yourself.

Melissa says, "The only way I can really help people with what I know and offer, is to have clients commit to making some changes with their diet and use supportive supplements. With our food supply the way it is, we cannot receive all the nutrients we need; additionally, herbicides and pesticides can destroy healthy gut balance and added hormones and antibiotics in meat, poultry and farm raised fish cause other complications we all need to be aware of."  

Dietary changes often need to happen gradually - Many people cannot handle radical changes and do the best they can every day as they learn more...Some have to make radical dietary improvements quickly, because of serious health issues.

You're Invited to Explore Health Coaching with Melissa - Schedule your FREE, no cost 20-30 minute Discovery phone call, or Google Hangouts or Skype session to see what avenues can help with your current situation. (See the Contact-Services page for more details.)

One of Melissa's main areas of focus is how to end your sugar cravings and this very addictive problem. Regular sugar use can cause over 140 health problems! Too much sugar in our bodies upsets the balance of bodily functions, called homeostasis. 

Melissa also teaches a Scientifically Proven Way to Change Your Weight, Reverse Your Metabolic Age (improve your metabolism), Repair Your Digestive Health, Overcome Your Cravings and Learn New Ways to Live and Eat, That Will Improve Your Health, Energy and Vitality. This course is called INFORM and was created and scientifically tested and proven by a 45 year old natural products company in Utah.

Once Melissa knows more about you, she can help with suggestions for how to proceed. This can include some 1on1 consults or the INFORM course with ideas for supplements that can help you improve your digestion and the health of your microbiome (gut) in a variety of ways.​ She can also refer you to chemical free, natural ways to stop the cravings too. For more details about the INFORM coaching class see the "health coaching" tab above.

If she speaks to your group or has an INFORM introductory presentation, she can offer a free assessment for your body composition on the BioTracker. Find out your Body Fat, Visceral Fat (organ fat), Metabolic Age (efficiency of your metabolism) and more. If the INFORM program interests you, local classes are available or phone or Skype consults are available anywhere. 

Do you live away from the Asheville NC area? No worries -You, can do this program with 1on 1 coaching and our online webinars, with your scale and measuring tape, and without the BioTracker, or I can help you order one. You will need the 13 chapter INFORM Participant Manual to use along with your regular coaching calls with Melissa, and some high quality protein powders she can tell you aout, the recommended whole food plan and supportive supplements that create easier success. Melissa can order the manual for you and send it out once we agree how we're going to proceed.

Contact Melissa by email on the "request info" button or call
(720) 295-7026 Eastern time USA
Skype name is mhenglish22

A lot of what we learned about food from our mothers and grandmothers, is often totally outdated and destructive to our health!

>> See this 4 minute video about sugar issues >

The American Heart Association recommendations 
for daily added sugar consumption:

Man - 36 grams
Woman - 25 grams 

Child - 12 grams
Child under 2 - no added sugar

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