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Melissa H English

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Free Discovery Call for 20-30 minutes. Discuss your situation and desires for results, and learn how I work with clients. This helps us both decide if working together seems like a good fit. 

Existing Client Check-In: $20-$75, depending on need

About the next 3 options called Let’s Get Started, See Results and More Results
> Do you need help knowing why you can’t control your appetite – or why you don’t have much of one?
> Do you want help learning why your sugar and carb cravings are so strong and how to stop them? 
> Are you feeling way too large or too thin and you need help with either of these issues?
> Are you sick of unsuccessful diets and know diets don’t typically work? I offer a “for life” way of eating.
> Do you need help with all of the above?

I have experience helping people with all of these issues. I can teach you “good for the rest of your life” information:

If you’ve been eating a lot of chemical filled food, non-organic meats, added sugar, toxic synthetic sweeteners, consuming alcohol steadily, and or been under prolonged stress, your microbiome health is most likely out of balance and causing a variety of health 
and or digestion issues. Please keep in mind it usually takes at least 3 months to restore and re-balance your microbiome (gut) health –

See below and decide what seems best for you. My 1on1 sessions are available either in person or by Skype or Google Hangouts.

Pantry Make-Over  $200. This includes a consultation by phone about what your concerns are and then an in home Pantry & Fridge make-over...or recommendations for your pantry/fridge make-over, IF you don't want to take action the day I'm with you. We will discuss food labels and how to make better choices for increased nutrition. This price is offered for people within 20 miles of Hendersonville NC. Travel time beyond this can be discussed. If you're not close by, Skype or Google hangouts can be used, depending on your situation.  

Let’s Get Started$225 includes an intake session, with recommendations created from the intake session, and a one hour follow up within 4 weeks. The IN.FORM Participant Manual with IN.FORM food log is included and recommended for lifestyle education and tracking results. During your follow-up appointment, if extra time is needed, it's billed at $20 for each additional 15 minute increments over an hour. Depending on your situation, there will be some additional costs for supplements and shopping for higher quality foods. In order for me to work with you, you must be willing to improve your eating habits and use certain supplements in order to restore balance in your body and increase your nutrition. 

See Results: $475 for 6 sessions – First we have a 1.5 hours intake session so I can understand what your issues and challenges are. During the other 5 meetings your progress is tracked to see how you’re doing, we discuss chapters in the course manual and we discuss what is and what isn't working, and make adjustments. The INFORM lifestyle and food program manual and food log are included and required. Cost for course manual shipping in the USA is an additional $10.00, if you are not nearby. INFORM, created by a 45 year old company, is described in this short video below and to the right

Better Results: $730 for 10 weeks - More of "See Results" for a longer period of time which helps you really integrate the new habits and all this information into new ways of living and being around food. See this. We follow the education in the INFORM 13 chapter course manual plus lots more. As your coach, I introduce you to many recipes, tips and optional strategies for really getting over your cravings and feeling nourished. This option can be offered in a class setting for a smaller fee.

What INFORM is and is not-See here >>>           
Pure, natural supplements can help to improve your health and overcome what you’re dealing with - We can discuss the options. Using what is recommended can increase your opportunity for success. Note: In today's world, most of us need core nutrition products: They encompass the basic seven supplements most people in modern civilization need. These are quality vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, appropriate (for you) probiotics, antioxidants, fatty acids and super foods. These are your most valuable types of "health insurance" along with pure, chemical free, whole foods and adequate amounts of filtered water daily.

Lunch & Learn for Corporate and Practitioner Office GroupsCost $200 for a 40 minute to 1 hour educational talk with Q&A – either during lunch time or another agreed upon time. Topic choices: How to Overcome Sugar and Carb Cravings & Why You & Our Children Need to Know or Why Do So Many People Have Digestion Problems?

IN.FORM Lifestyle Education for Corporate Groups: pricing to be discussed. Class size maximum of 10 students with body composition tracking every week.

NOTE: It typically takes a minimum of 3 months to heal and restore your microbiome (gut) health. Digestive health issues, and mood issues related to poor microbiome health do not have a quick fix. Lifestyle and food changes are always necessary; the beneficial results from these changes are life changing and take time.

Nature’s Sunshine product consults – free * if you're already a client. Sourced, manufactured and tested against the rigorous quality standards, this unique product portfolio delivers more than 500 personalized solutions to optimize your health. From targeted care to daily essentials and weight management solutions, the naturally effective products feature the best raw ingredients the earth has to offer - Created from nature, but rooted in science.

The INFORM Course - more can be discussed in person. 

Learn how to keep your microbiome (gut) balanced, and how to stop the cravings. I had to learn this for myself - I teach a new way of being with food.
For a free Better Breakfast Options Tip Sheet and The Best Motivators to Get Over Your Sugar Habit...please click on the link below. (Rest assured-I do not share any of your information.)
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